My big passion has always been music. My vision is always to create something unique with tons of character and personality. I have always been drawn to old records and preferred the sound of the real piece of gear and instrument over the sound of a digital plugin. With that said the studio is set up to take care of any needs a client might have with both a total analog side with everything you need to make a great sounding record, and a super-fast digital side with the newest software and hardware. I have a lot of studio experience working on major label projects. I started my career as an assistant at age 13. I have a lot of experience as a touring FOH mixer as well. I love working both in the studio and on the road. If you have a project you want me to work on, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and follow on social media The studio is located in the part of Copenhagen called Nordvest with public transportation and tons of free parking right outside the studio door. Heyman Studios is my personal studio which makes it a very personal and comfortable experience to work in.