After receiving a lot of recordings, with uncharacterful and dull ambience, for mix in the studio, we now bring you CRUSH BOX! 


CRUSH BOX is designed to be placed in front of a drum kit, under a drum kit, in the room with a guitar amp, piano, or inside a piano. Only the imagination is the limit with this clever box. 


The inspiration behind the product is the ambience you might get by trying to copy the listen mic trick that inspired the drum sound on such classics as "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins", where you use the listen mic compressor, modded with a line out, on an SSL 4000 console, to deliver tasty compression and saturation, and bring lots of energy and excitement to a performance.

Our mission was to put that sound into a box, so you don't need an SSL console, or trying to clone it, by first putting up a mic, and then patching three pieces of outboard gear. This device simply gives you a line out, that can be fed directly into any soundcard or mixer. 


The controls on the unit consist of a gain knob that ranges from gentle squash to extreme distortion, and an output volume control to set the output volume feeding the outside world.


These boxes are handmade and in very limited numbers.


A 115 Volt option is avalible, contact to order.

Price is including 25% Danish VAT. If you are outside DK and have a VAT number, please write us an email.


kr 3.750,00Pris