The HP4 is the ultimate multi channel headphone solution for studios where only the highest quality and performance is good enough! 

The HP4 is designed to satisfy every possible need for both small studios as well as big commercial facilities.

The HP4 offers 4 channels of amplification with individual volume control, as well as a sweet sounding Baxandall eq that offers both extreme low end punch and high end sparkle. This may truly help any pair of headphones to deliver an inspiring mix, satisfying even the most critical performer.


The HP4 is also equipped with features invaluable for string quartet recording, such as being able to send all audio signals to one side, which allows for recording without bleed, when only one ear is being covered by the headphones.


The HP4 also offers AUX inputs that can be used to feed signals such as Talk Backs, Clicks, Effects into the mix. It can also be used to convert the HP4 into a “More Me” system, in situations where multiple units are daisy chained together, allowing musicians to have control over their own level, when using the HP4. 


The HP4 offers linking, which is ingenious for the above purpose, where more than one box is needed to fulfill the session needs. It also allows the HP4 to be linked together with another headphone system, all though that would be unfair to the other system.


The “Mute” button allows for easy AUX muting, so more users on one box, not necessarily needing to be listening to the same Mix.

The “Mono” button allows you to feed different signals to the L/R input, but receive it as a strong center signal.


The HP4 can either be placed on any flat surface or stand mounted on a standard ⅜” microphone stand, the HP4 is fitted with this mounting option in the bottom, so no modification is needed.


To sum up:
The HP4 is by far the best quality and performing solution for any professional or audiophile user, who needs more than one channel of headphone amplification or wants to add more channels to the existing setup. It delivers high output SPL and gives the perfect blend of ultra low distortion, a lot of power and a lot of signal clarity, ensuring minimum signal degradation and full bandwidth listening.


As everything that comes from the hands of ELBERG-ELT, it is handmade in Denmark, to the highest specifications and quality craftsmanship. 


This ensures owning an ELBERG piece is of the highest audio prestige! 


Price including Danish 25% VAT




kr 3.540,00Pris