Imagine you take everything magical about the 1073’s preamp, that has been tested true, for the last five decades, and then you add the magic of a 1081-inspired eq that doesn’t clip! An eq so powerful that you can add shine, roundness, or even take out an annoying ring in an audio source. The ELBERG 1073 gives you that and much more! 


The ELBERG 1073 has been developed and tested against a real Neve console, and Elberg painstakingly made sure that it performed exactly like the real! 


Under this development, a lot of other 1073 inspired units were looked at, and it was ensured, that this came through, where every other unit fell off. 


The ELBERG 1073 gives you the sound of a Neve 1073, with a much more powerful eq, and at the same time the quality and workmanship that is known to come out of Elberg’s workshop, this is truly one of those magic units. Constructed with an eye for detail and only the very best components, ensuring that you will have a perfect, great sounding unit for many years to come.


To sum it up: A well crafted vintage inspired unit, that is defiantly valid in today's music studio, a unit that will give you great sounding recordings, with just a few simple turns! Like the 1073 just got a facelift! 115 or 230 V versions.


Available for purchase through Heyman Studios or directly from


Price is including Danish 25% VAT.

    ELBERG 1073

    kr 8.937,50Pris