You ever wanted that sound? You know that sound that shaped the music of five decades!

Well look no further.


Everyone that ever worked on an SSL 4000 series mixing console, knows how magical the quad compressor is. It simply just takes ‘good’ and brings it up to ‘great’! Its way of gluing mixes together is unheard of and it also does magic on everything from drum overheads to pianos, it’s a unit where even the very extreme settings sound very pleasing to the ear. Its way of attacking and releasing is not seen in other compressors, and its sound can be heard on almost every major record released and still to this day.


The most frustrating thing is that until now, the only unit that has ever captured the true sound and essence of this magical piece of kit, is the real deal in the 4k console. We have listened and worked with every single one of those, which are on the market today, and no one lived up to its big cousins’ sound and magic!


That is why we bring the MASTER COMP to the table. This unit captures everything the Bus Compressor is and much more! This is a hand built unit, made from only the very best of components. With Swiss ELMA golden rotary switches, dual rectifier circuits as the original, capacitors with extremely long life, it’s made to last, and give you both the sonic feel as well as the exact same sound as the real deal!


This unit is highly addictive, and one of those pieces you never regret adding to your arsenal of colors in your audio palette! And with a price that will keep a smile on your face all the way from the bank, how is this possible? Simple! This is a non-profit project, constructed to give you a tool to exquisit sound without draining your funds.


Sounds too good to be true? We agree, but it’s fortunate that this is what we have ended up with, by painstakingly studying how and why the original sounds and behaves as it does.


The unit is available (both 115 and 230 V versions) for demoing and purchase through Heyman Studios, and is made in a limited amount, so you gotta hurry up! 


Price is including Danish 25% VAT!


kr 8.750,00Pris